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I cancelled in writing. I'm deaf and can only communicate by text email or snail mail.

I never received any paperwork with the trail received.then I was sent another mailing and money comes out of account. Sent it all back wrote on the invoice cancel. And you sent I shipments money back and turn around and take another shipment out of my account. I've sent it back to I want the money put back into my account or I will contact consumers protection and better business bureau.

Do you not understand what cancel means. Please be advised I will get my money if I and everyone else that's gotten ripped off has to file suit against you and hopefully they shut you down from doing this to other people. How many businesses you have that you do this to people?

Your a SCAM!!!! Vickie Roper Co.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #971511

i had the same problem with this company. Not only did they rip me off but when I called to try and get my money back, they argued and hung up on me.

More less told me that I'm in the wrong and they are going to charge me regardless, mind you it was89 dollars. Never in my life have I delt with so much bad customer service.

I am so pissed I'm lightly shaking!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT Buy VITALIE!!!!!!!!!!

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